Luthen Lecture Series

“May God help us to learn to love each other and to save not only our own souls, but also many, many others. So be up and doing! All for the salvation of souls!” -Father Bonavneture Lüthen, SDS

 When Venerable Francis Mary Jordan founded the Apostolic Teaching Society in 1881, he imagined a community of committed Catholics--priests, religious, and committed lay members--who would work together to re-energize and re-evangelize Christians throughout Europe and the world. Among his first collaborators was Father Bonaventure Lüthen, a gifted writer and formator who helped make Father Jordan's dream a reality. As the first disciple and the ‘pen’ of the Founder, he made a crucial contribution to the administration and expansion of the fledgling Society and to the fulfillment of its task of making the Savior more widely known and loved. His cause for beatification was introduced in 1943.

Father Bonaventure Lüthen, SDS

Father Bonaventure Lüthen, SDS

With the Lüthen Lecture Series, Jordan Ministry Team honors the legacy of Father Lüthen by bringing together speakers from throughout the United States for a series of workshops on various aspects of spirituality, ministry, ecumenism, interfaith dialogue, and faith formation. Hosted by various parishes of the Diocese of Tucson, these presentations are an opportunity to enrich spirituality, faith, and ministry.

Thanks to a special gift, as well as support of the Salvatorian community in Tucson/Phoenix and the Formation Office of the Diocese of Tucson, there is no charge for these events. Each lecture begins at 7:00pm, with a reception to follow.

We are grateful to all those who made the Spring 2019 lectures a success.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Fall 2019/Spring 2020 lectures. To learn more, click the title of the lectures given below: